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New Goals

We are continually looking for better ways to account for all financial transactions that occur within the various divisions or at our headquarters location. Under direction from the governor and the balanced scorecard approach, we have targeted two areas in hopes of becoming more efficient. We hope to be faster at processing financial documents and we hope to reduce the number of processing errors. We will implement a plan that will monitor our processing time and errors providing us a way to measure if we are meeting our goals and our commitment to those we provide services to.

We also would like to implement a purchasing process that would take advantage of purchasing software that is already being used by other entities in our state. Under this program, all purchases will need to be entered into the software program and receive approval by someone with budget responsibility in that section or program. When this process is implemented, directors, managers, and others responsible for budgets will be able to track overall or detailed purchasing with just a few clicks on their computers.

Contact Information

Pam Russell / Manager
(801) 965-4160

Sherry McCusker / Grant Manager
(801) 965-3831

Judy Harvey / Budget and Accounting Officer
(801) 965-4471

Rebecca McDaniel / Financial Analyst
(801) 965-3804

Jill Fraughton / Financial Analyst
(801) 965-4934

Denise Gotch / Financial Anaylst
(801) 965-4474

Brittany Handy / Financial Analyst
(801) 965-4193

Brenda Mosuela / Financial Analyst
(801) 965-3826

Denice Smith / Purchasing Agent
(801) 965-4471

Rose Tangaro / Accounting Tech
(801) 965-4404

Shirlene Magneson / Accounting Tech
(801) 965-4710

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