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BCI - Utah AMBER Alert Registration

The wireless industry has officially partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to distribute AMBER Alerts to wireless consumers who opt in to receive geographically specified messages on their wireless devices through an AMBER Alert wireless messaging system. Utah is now participating at a national level.

Subscribers capable of receiving text messages, and whose wireless carrier participates in the Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative, may opt in to receive alerts by registering at www.wirelessAMBERalerts.org or their wireless carrier's website. Users can designate up to five ZIP codes from which they'd like to be alerted in the case of an AMBER Alert activation.

You may choose to receive these notifications on your cellular phone and your pager. Utah has a statewide AMBER Alert plan. When you are directed to the Wireless AMBER Alert webpage to sign up, you will be automatically taken to your subscribers webpage. You only need to enter one (1) Utah area code to receive an alert for the state of Utah. If you choose to receive wireless alerts for another state, you can enter area codes and state information for that state. You can also sign up to receive email notification on yahoo, AOL or MSN.

To receive AMBER Alerts, click here

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