Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instruction Questionnaire

Concealed Firearm Permit Survey

NOTE: Before you begin, please understand that all information shared will be held in strict confidence and your identity will not be divulged in any way, unless you so desire.

Also, the status of your permit or application will not be affected in any way as a result of the information provided in the questionnaire.

The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification invites you to participate in a short but meaningful survey about the comprehensiveness and integrity of the concealed firearm instruction you received from one of our certified instructors.

Our goal in the end is to certify individuals who have a sound knowledge of applicable laws, rules and regulations and who also possess confidence and sound understanding in safety and practical application of the types of firearms to be concealed.

Two objectives that we are trying to accomplish by this survey are as follows:

1. Ensure compliance and provide redirection if necessary to any instruction that deviates from the required minimum training requirements; and

2. Offer praise and support to those instructors who promote and provide a positive learning experience and maintain adherence to the minimum training guidelines.

Updated April 29, 2010

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