Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - Miscellaneous Laws Regarding Firearms

It is unlawful to change, alter, remove or obliterate the name of the maker, the model, the manufacturer’s number or any other identifying mark on any pistol or revolver without first securing written permission from BCI. In the case of an unmarked pistol or revolver, BCI, if requested, may assign a distinguishing number or mark of identification.

It is unlawful to stamp any pistol or revolver with any number or mark except one assigned to it by BCI. This does not apply to restoration.

It is unlawful to discharge any kind of firearm from any vehicle or from, upon or across any public highway, within Utah State Park buildings, designated camp or picnic sites, overlooks, golf courses, boat ramps, and developed beaches; or without written permission to discharge the dangerous weapon from the owner or person in charge of the property within 600 feet of a house, dwelling, or any other building; or any structure in which a domestic animal is kept or fed, including a barn, poultry yard, corral, feeding pen, or stockyard.

It is unlawful to fire any tracer or incendiary ammunition in the state of Utah except within the confines of an established military reservation.It is unlawful to shoot or shoot at any signs or placards placed by the wildlife board or road signs on any highway.

It is unlawful to shoot wildlife from airplanes, motor vehicles, motor boats or snowmobiles. Handicapped hunters may be authorized to hunt from a vehicle under terms and conditions specified by the wildlife board.

It is unlawful, and a misdemeanor, when prohibited by local ordinance or law, to make or keep gunpowder, nitroglycerin or other highly explosive substances within a city or town, or to carry such substances through the streets.

It is unlawful to deliver to any express or railway company, common carrier, warehouse, or store-house any package containing nitroglycerin, dynamite, gun cotton, or gun powder to be handled, stored, shipped, or transported without plainly marking the package with the name and nature of the contents.

It is unlawful for any person in the presence of two or more persons to exhibit any firearm in an "angry and threatening manner", unless in necessary self-defense.

It is unlawful to discharge a firearm at or into any bus or terminal. This does not apply to law enforcement officers or commercial security personnel who discharge firearms in their employment.

It is unlawful to set any spring or "trap gun."

It is unlawful to deliver any spring or "trap gun" to any express or railway company, common carrier, or to any person without informing them of the nature of the delivery.

Laws governing the use of concealed firearms differ from state to state. It is important to understand the laws to ensure that your actions are in compliance with Utah law.

Sources: 53-5-704 Division duties - Utah Code §§ 23-20-11 et seq., 24-2-17, 76-10-301, 76-10-501 et seq.

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