Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - Purchasing a Gun in Utah

It is unlawful for a gun dealer to sell or transfer any firearm until an instant criminal history background check is conducted and approved by BCI.

A valid Utah concealed firearm permit may be used to waive the BCI background check and the corresponding fees. However, the dealer is still required to call BCI to confirm the validity of the concealed firearm permit.

A person who wishes to purchase a handgun must show proof of Utah residency.

A person who wishes to purchase a rifle or shotgun is not required to show Utah residency; however, the purchaser will be required to comply with the laws of the state in which he/she resides.

Laws governing the use of concealed firearms differ from state to state. It is important to understand the laws to ensure that your actions are in compliance with Utah law.

Sources: 53-5-704 Division duties - Utah Code ยงยง 23-20-11 et seq., 24-2-17, 76-10-301, 76-10-501 et seq.

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