Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - NCIC Entry Training

Location: Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST)
410 West 9800 South Sandy, Utahy 84070
Room 114
Class Size: 58


Dates and times are located on the training schedule page -Baseline Entry (Open to all UCJIS User's)


To sign up for a UCJIS training contact Della Miller at dellamiller@utah.gov or (801) 965-4454

NCIC Entry Training is a 1 day course on the entry, modification, clear and cancellation of NCIC data into the National database. 

8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


  • Responsibilities of an Agency entering into NCIC
  • Vehicle File
  • License Plate File
  • Boat File
  • Gun File
  • Article File
  • Securities File
  • Wanted Person File
  • Missing Person File
  • Unidentified Person File

The temperature in the training room can vary from ice cold to sweltering.  We suggest wearing layers.

Updated November 18, 2014

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