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BCI - Obtaining Utah History Criminal Records of Other Individuals

Pursuant to Utah Law, Utah is a "closed record" state. This means that individuals can obtain a copy of their own Utah criminal history, but may not obtain a copy of another individuals' Utah criminal history.

I'm an employer. Is there any way I can get criminal backgrounds of my present and future employees?

There are several options available to employers, depending upon their qualifications.

Working with children and vulnerable adults - Utah Law 53-10-108 allows qualifying entities to request Utah criminal history information. Public law 105-251, the Volunteers for Children Act which amended the National Child Protection Act of 1993, was enacted October 9, 1998 to allow these same qualifying entities to request fingerprint-based national criminal history record checks of their volunteers and employees. For more information, download the Application Form.

Fiduciary Funds, National Security, Statutory Authority - Utah Code Annotated 53-10-108 allows the release of Utah Criminal History information to qualifying entities. Determination of your agency's eligibility may be made by referring to this code. If your agency qualifies, download the application.

Other Employers - If your agency does not fall under one of the two categories mentioned above, your only option is to request that your employees apply directly to BCI for a copy of their own criminal history. (Find out more about obtaining a copy of your own Utah criminal history record.)

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Updated December 22, 2009

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