Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - Categories of Fingerprints

There are three main categories of fingerprints:

Criminal fingerprints are taken as a record of a criminal arrest. These include "ten-print cards"- complete sets of fingerprints, generally recorded at the jail as part of the booking process, "single-print citations"- misdemeanor or DUI citations which include a single fingerprint (right index finger), and "juvenile ten-print cards" - fingerprints of a juvenile who has been arrested for a crime which would be a felony if committed by an adult. The adult ten-print cards and single-print citations become the source document for information on the Utah Computerized Criminal History (UCCH) file. The adult and juvenile ten-print cards are added to the Western Identification Network (WIN) database for matching and identification purposes.

Applicant fingerprints are taken for comparison to the criminal fingerprint database for those organizations authorized by law to conduct criminal history background checks.

Latent fingerprints are scientifically lifted from the scene of a crime for comparison to the criminal fingerprint database.

All ten-print cards, both applicant and criminal, are searched against the WIN database which includes fingerprint records from the states of: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. If there is a need, criminal fingerprints can also be searched against the California system.

Criminal fingerprints are added to the WIN database if no match is found. Single-print citations are manually compared against any existing record to verify identification. Single-print citation fingerprints cannot be added to the WIN database.

Latent fingerprints are also searched against the WIN database, and, with reason, against the California system. If there is no match, the latent is added to the unsolved latent data base for future reference. Each new ten-print card that is added to the WIN database is also searched against the unsolved latent database.

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