Utah Department of Public Safety

BCI - Fingerprint Check or Name Check?

Fingerprints have been used for identification since ancient times. Since every individual has a distinctive pattern of ridges on each finger, fingerprints have been proven to be an infallible method of identifying a person. The best known use of fingerprint classification is the identification of criminals. The Utah criminal history records are based on fingerprints of the individuals arrested. Because criminals use alias names, a fingerprint comparison is the only way to be sure that a person either does or does not have a criminal record.

To conduct a fingerprint background check, you will be asked to provide a clear set of fingerprints from the person who is the subject of the search. The fingerprints will be used to verify that the individual is the same person that was arrested and to eliminate matches resulting from someone else using the same name. When dealing with information as sensitive as criminal records, the certainty of having a fingerprint match is well worth the extra effort to obtain and compare fingerprints.

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