Utah Department of Public Safety

Communications - Employment

Current Recruitment:

Hiring Process:

Candidates must have the ability to multi-task. Must pass position specific testing and a thorough background investigation. Preference will be given to those candidates with typing skills greater than 30 words per minute (documentation will be required). Must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be 18 years of age by hire date.

Job Duties include providing dispatching/communications services for state and local public safety agencies, including Highway Patrol, local law enforcement, fire departments and other state agencies. Salary negotiable with police/fire/ems dispatch experience.

Dispatch CenterApplication Process:

All interested persons must submit a resume to:

Human Resource Technician
Utah Department of Public Safety
Box 141775
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-1775

You must also create an account with Utah Job Match. Utah Job Match is Utah's one-stop application for State jobs designed to meet both the State's and applicants' needs. It will provide applicants with 24/7 online access to position vacancies within the State of Utah. It gives applicants greater control over the application process by 1) allowing them to provide position specific information related to their qualifications and 2) allowing them to monitor the status of the application process. Applicants can sort jobs by agency, job category, and job title and apply online.

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