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Driver License Division - CDL Third Party Tester Information

The purpose of this program is to allow Third Party Examiners to administer driving skills tests for CDL. Examiners who successfully complete the 40-hour training program can then apply for certification with the Driver License Division to test the driving skills portion of the CDL licensing process.

Applicants for Third Party Examiners may be come certified by meeting the requirements of a Certified Examiner by reading and complying with Administrative Rule R708-21.

The potential Third Party Tester must submit the following information (click on below link to print form):

Once the tester has submitted this information, the division has 60 days to review all the information for accuracy and provide any feedback for changes if necessary. The tester must then fix any problems and submit the changes to the division for final approval.

Once all background checks have been completed a test must be observed by the division before final approval is given. The division is checking to make sure that the location meets the requirements of administrative rule.

Classes are taught at the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) contact them to schedule 801.957.5805.

For additional information contact Customer Service at 801.965.4437 or Toll Free at 888.353.4224.

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