Utah Department of Public Safety

Driver License Division - Limited Term DL and ID

For a printable brochure with more information on what is required to obtain your Limited-Term document, click here.

A person who would need to obtain a Limited-Term Driver License or Identification Card would be individuals who are not U.S. Citizens, but who are in the U.S. legally:

  • The expiration date of your license would be the date of your legal presence document or five years, whichever is sooner; or one year from the date of issuance if there is no expiration date;
  • Individuals applying for a Commercial Limited-Term Driver License are required to have and provide proof of full Social Security Number and DOT Medical Card;
  • Refugee or Approved Asylee - click here for more information


Requirements to obtain a Limited-Term Document:

  • Appear at a driver license office;
  • Complete the driver license application (you can fill out and print the application ahead of time online and bring with you, or you can schedule an appointment for your visit to avoid waiting in line at the office);
  • Show proof of a state or country license, or evidence of completion in a driver education course if age 18 and younger. If age 19 and older one of these would be required to avoid having to hold a learner permit for 90 days;
  • Evidence of birth (identity), full social security number or proof of ineligibility to obtain social security, 2 proofs of Utah residency, and legal/lawful presence. Visit our Documentation Needed page to find out what is acceptable proof;
  • Pass the eye test;
  • Complete the medical questionnaire;
  • Completion of required written knowledge/driving skills tests; and
  • Submit the applicable fee


After all requirements for a license have been successfully completed, you will receive a temporary photo license on the same day.  The completed license will then be mailed to you in approximately three weeks.

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