Utah Department of Public Safety

Driver License Division - Medical Standards Index


Alcohol and Other Drugs Category H

Alzheimer's Disease Category F

Amphetamines Category H

Amputations Category J

Antidepressants Category G

Antihistamines Category H

Antipsychotics Category H

Aphakia Category I

Aphasia Category F

Astigmatism Category I

Barbiturates Category H

Benzodiazepine Category H

Cataracts Category I

Cardiac Surgery Category B

Cardiovascular Category B

Cataplexy Category E

Cerebral Palsy Category D

Chronic Medical Debility Category J

Color Vision Category I

Commitment Category G

Communication Category F

Compensating/Nonstandard/Adapt Category J

Compensating/Personal Devices Category J

Compensating/Standard accessories Category J

Congenial Abnormality Category J

Coughing Category C

Cough Syncope Category C

Dark Adaptation Category I

Depression Category G

Diabetes Mellitus Category A

Drug Use Category H

Emotional Instability Category G

Epilepsy Category E

Episodic Category E

Functional Ability Changes Introduction

Functional Ability Profiles Introduction

Functional Motor Ability Category J

Glaucoma Category I

Haloperidol Category H

Hallucinogens Category H

Head Injury Categories D, F

Heart Disease Category B

Hearing Category L

Heterophoria Category I

Hyperopia Category I

Hypertension Category B

Hypoglycemia Category A

Immunity in Reporting Introduction

Intelligence Category F

Joint Limitations Categories A , J

Learning Category F

L.S.D. Category H

Laws Related to Driving Ability Appendix II

Marijuana Category H

Medical Advisory Board Introduction


Memory Category F

Menier's Disease Categories L

Mental Retardation Category F

Metabolic Conditions Category A

Methadone Use Category H

Monocular Vision Category I

Mood Altering Drugs Category H

Multiple Sclerosis Category D

Musculoskeletal Abnormality Category J

Myocardial Infarction Category B

Myopia Category I

Narcolepsy Category K

Neurologic Category D

Nystagmus Category I

Osteoporosis Category J

Pain Category J

Parathyroid Category A

Parkinson's Disease Category D

Presbyopia Category I

Psychiatric Category G

Ptosis Category I

Pulmonary Category C

Responsibilities, Drivers' Introduction

Responsibilities, Health Care Introduction

Rhythm, Cardiac Category B

Retardation Category F

Schizophrenia Category G

Seizures Category E

Sleep Apnea Category K

Sleeping Pills Category H

Stereopsis Category I

Strokes Category D

Syncope Category E

Telescopic Lenses Category I

Thyroid Category A

Vascular Category B

Visual Acuity Category I

Visual Fields Category I
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