Utah Department of Public Safety

Driver License Division - Military

If you hold a regular driver license with any endorsement and you are a person ordered to active duty and stationed outside of Utah in any of the armed forces of the United States or by an immediate family member or dependent who is residing outside of the state and your Utah driver license expires during the time period the person is stationed outside of the state, the license is valid until 90 days after the person's orders have been terminated or the person has been discharged, unless:

  • The license is suspended, disqualified, denied, or has been cancelled or revoked by the division; or
  • The licensee updates the information or photograph on the license certificate.

Beginning July 1, 2012 the Utah Driver License Division may waive the driving skills tests for military veterans applying for a CDL who meet the licensing qualifications, been honorably discharged in the previous 90 days and have operated a CMV during the immediate 2 year period preceding discharge.

The applicant must complete all of the following requirements to be eligible to have the CDL skills tests waived: (application)

  • The applicant must complete the CDL-ST WVR page 1, and the last commanding officer must complete the CDL-ST WVR page 2;
  • Provide a DD214 or discharge papers showing evidence of honorable discharge within the previous 90 days;
  • Provide a copy of a DA348, AF2293 or other equivalent document verifying certification for operating a commercial motor vehicle; and
  • Pass all required knowledge testing.

The transfer of School Bus (S) and/or Passenger (P) endorsements under this Waiver Program are prohibited.

If the applicant did not operate a vehicle with air brakes or a manual transmission an air brake restriction and automatic transmission will be added to the Utah CDL.

In order to remove these restrictions the driver will need to complete the road test in a representative vehicle.

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