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There are two ways a motorcycle rider can obtain a motorcycle endorsement on their driver license:

  • One way is to go into a driver license office;
  • Complete a driver license application;
  • Photo will be taken;
  • Bring the required documentation for a duplicate or renewal Utah driver license.  Because you are adding an endorsement to your driver license, this requires you to obtain a new driver license.  If your current license expires in the next 6 months you can renew for the next 5 years, or if the expiration date is more than 6 months you would apply for a duplicate driver license and the expiration date would remain the same as it is now;
  • Pass an eye test;
  • Complete the medical questionnaire;
  • Pass a 25 question written test; and
  • Submit the fee for a renewal or duplicate driver license plus the motorcycle endorsement fee of $9.50

Once the written test is successfully completed, you will receive a motorcycle learner permit. This permit will allow you to operate your car and any size motorcycle.  When ready, you will need to schedule an appointment at the same driver license office to complete the motorcycle riding (skills) test.  You will be permitted to bring your own motorcycle to the office with your permit.  If you successfully complete the riding (skills) test you will be finished and in 3-4 weeks you will receive your completed license in the mail.

  • Another way to obtain your motorcycle endorsement is to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Beginning Rider Course (BRC).  Utah has a few schools that teach the beginning rider course (see phone numbers below.)  Once this course is successfully completed, you will be given a completion card to be taken into a driver license office and you will need to follow the same process as above, only the riding (skills) test portion will be waived.

For the first two months of the permit you will be restricted to riding a motorcycle with:

  • NO RIDING BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.; and

There are no restrictions to your permit for the third through six months.


  • If you test on a motorcycle/scooter 90 cc or less, you will be restricted to riding motorcycles/scooters 90 cc or less.
  • If you test on a motorcycle/scooter 249 cc or less, you will be restricted to riding motorcycles/scooters 249 cc or less.
  • If you test on a motorcycle/scooter 649 cc or less, you will be restricted to riding motorcycles/scooters 649 cc or less.
  • If you test on a motorcycle/scooter larger than 650 cc, you will not be restricted, you will be authorized to ride any size motorcycle/scooter.

The Utah Motorcyclist Association teaches in Ogden, South Jordan, Lehi, Price, Moab and Roosevelt.   Salt Lake Community College teaches at the Redwood and South Jordan Campuses, Ogden and Hurricane. Dixie College teaches in St. George.

This course is a 15 hour course; ten of the hours are spent on the motorcycle. The schools provide motorcycles and helmets. The schools use 150 cc and 250 cc motorcycles, so if you take the course on one of those motorcycles you will be restricted to the size of motorcycle you test on. If you want to ride motorcycles larger than what you tested on with the school, you can re-test with the school or with driver license.

Those schools also provide an Experienced Rider Course (ERC). This course is 5 hours long and if you have recent motorcycle riding experience and have over 2000 miles on your motorcycle, you may take the ERC and ask to be tested on your own motorcycle and if you successfully complete the ERC test, you will receive a riding skills test waiver card that you can take to the driver license office.  You must show your completion card (BRC) or (ERC) to the driver license office within six months of course completion to receive the riding skills test waiver.

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Motorcycle Schools (Call for fees and information):

  • Dixie College
    225 South 700 East
    St. George Utah 84770
    (435) 652-7664
  • Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus
    4600 South Redwood Road
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    (801) 957-5200
  • Utah Motorcyclist Association
    (801) 394-6564 or 1-888-743-3881
    Classes taught in Ogden, South Jordan, Lehi, Price, Moab, and Roosevelt. 


Motorcycle Rider Skills Test:

Below are drawings of the six parts of the motorcycle skill test. Applicants must complete to obtain a motorcycle endorsement.

NOTE: Due to space availability at some Driver License offices, the test may be adjusted in some areas.


Cone Weave
Normal Stop
Turn from a stop
Quick Stop Obstacle Stop


Left Turn
Normal Stop
Cone Weave
Turn from a stop
Quick Stop Obstacle Swerve
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