Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - LESO 1033 Program General Information

  1. The following stipulations apply to all equipment provided under the 1033 program despite type, condition or source. (Additional stipulations may apply.)
    1. The equipment is utilized in support of law enforcement operations, providing support for the law enforcement officer on the street. The equipment must directly assist in the execution of his/her primary duties.
    2. The receiving Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) assumes sole responsibility for all associated legal liabilities and costs.
    3. It is not the intent of this program for an agency to sell excess Department of Defense (DOD) property to obtain funds; nor to trade excess DOD property for new equipment from a commercial vendor; nor to convert to personal use. Equipment may not be sold, transferred or disposed of except as directed by DOD and departmental regulations. Equipment no longer needed, will be disposed of according to the laws and regulations governing the disposal of public property for your agency.
    4. Items requiring DEMIL will be identified as such when issued, and require the equipment be returned to a Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) or to the State 1033 Program Coordinator when no longer needed.
    5. A LEA cannot request equipment for a fire department, city/county road maintenance department, school district, etc.
  2. There is no comprehensive list of equipment that is available through the DOD, nor are there specific stocks set aside for law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Examples of equipment requests received in the past include:
    • Aircraft
    • Ammo Boxes
    • BDU's
    • Binoculars
    • Body Armor
    • Kevlar Helmets
    • M-14 Rifles
    • M-16 Rifles
    • Ponchos
    • Radios
    • Rain Gear
    • Safes
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Spotting Scopes
    • Ambulances
    • APC's
    • Pickups
    • 4x4 Utility Vehicles
  3. When requesting DOD equipment support, LEAs must remember that the mission of the armed forces is national defense. Therefore, DOD equipment may not always be suitable for law enforcement and very little law enforcement peculiar equipment will be available through DOD. Specialized civilian type law enforcement equipment is generally not available through DOD.
  4. The DOD does NOT charge for excess property provided to LEAs. Applicalbe transportation costs may be applied to some equipment.
  5. Most excess equipment is used and some is declared unserviceable for military use. All excess property is provided as is without any warranty at all. If the equipment at a DRMO is not suitable or serviceable for law enforcement, the LEA does not have to take it.
  6. All non-excess DOD equipment is provided as is, where is. It is the responsibility of the receipting LEA to arrange for pickup, properly operate, service and maintain the equipment.
  7. Weapons and aircraft are special procedure requests. Contact the state coordinator for additional information.
  8. Agencies requesting surplus aircraft must have a functioning aviation operation and demonstrate that they have the resources and capability to properly operate, maintain, secure and insure the aircraft being requested.

1033 Excess Property can now be searched for and requested online on the DRMS Website. For online instructions, click here.

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