Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - Utah Hazard Mitigation Plan continued

Appendices and Maps

Appendix A - Public comment

December 2010 public comment

Appendix B - Utah Hazard Mitigation

Utah's public assistance administrative plan
Utah Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Administrative Plan
Menu of mitigation strategies
Hazard mitigation strategy update
PreDisaster Mitigation and HMGP Submission Documentation
PDM-C Notice of Intent

From FEMA-1955-DR-UT
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Notice of Interest
HMGP 1955 Fact Sheet
Applicant briefing and mitigation plan update

Appendix C - Utah Earthquake Plans/Reports

From the Utah Seismic Safety Commission:
1995 Strategic Plan for Earthquake Safety
1996 Earthquake Safety in Utah
2000 Earthquake Safety in Utah
2007 Earthquake Seismic Safety Progress Report
2013 Utah Students At Risk
2013 Facilities Seismic Safety in Public Schools Plan

Additional Maps and Reports
Earthquake Ground Shaking in Utah 1994 Report

Liquefaction Map and Report SLCO 1994

Appendix D - Utah Flood Mapping and Floodplain Program

Community Assistance Program
Five-Year Plan
Community Assistance Program GAP Tool
Utah Floodplain Report

Map Mod Business Plans
Map Mod Business Plan 2007
Map Mod Business Plan 2006
Map Mod Business Plan 2005
Map Mod State Business Plan 2003
Map Mod Business State Implementation Plan 2002

Utah Risk MAP
FEMA FY 10 Flood Mapping Progress Report and Production Plan
Grant narrative (Word, PDF)
MMMS Business Plan -- 2009 Update (Word, PDF)
Utah RiskMAP Business PM Plan - 2013 Update

Repetitive loss information
Repetitive loss information from FEMA -- 2010
Repetitive loss addresses (Excel, PDF)
RLC 128 Ogden Canyon
RLC 615 East 5600 South, Murray UT
RLC 413 West Creekside Circle Murray UT

Flood loss statistics 2013


National Flood Insurance Program
Floods: What you should know
NFIP Policy growth percentage
NFIP policies in force
NFIP Insurance report

Appendix E - Dam Safety Program Rehab Priority

Priority list

Appendix F - Palmer Drought Severity Index

Palmer Drought index

Appendix G - Utah Drought

Drought Management Toolkit for Public Water Suppliers 2010
Drought in Utah 2007
Drought Response Plan 2003
Drought Assessment Mitigation 2002
Conjunctive Management Surface and Ground Water
M I Water Conservation Plan
Water Reuse in Utah
Re-Examining Drought in Utah 2013

Appendix H Utah State Park Plans

Anasazi State Park
Bear Lake State Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Draper Park
Escalante State Park
Great Salt Lake
Jordanelle State Park
Sand Hollow State Park
Wasatch Mountain State Park
Yuba State Park

Appendix I Local Multi Jurisdictional

Bear River Association of Governments

Central Utah Water Conservancy District
* Review Letter
* Response to FEMA comments

University of Utah
* Predisaster mitigation strategy
* Building analysis

Wasatch Front Regional Council
1. 2008 Predisaster Mitigation Plan Cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Part I. Introduction
5. Part II. Adoption Process
6. Part III. Planning Process
7. Part IV. 2003 Mitigation Guide and Objectives Review
8. Part V. Regional Data
9. Part VI. Capabilities Assessment
10. Part VII. Risk Assessment
11. Part VIII. Regional Hazards
12. Part IX. Davis County
13. Part X. Morgan County
14. Part XI. Salt Lake County
15. Part XII. Tooele County
16. Part XIII. Weber County
17. Part XIV. Specialized Local Districts
18. Part XV. Plan Maintenance and Implementation
19. Appendix A. Environmental Considerations
20. Appendix B. General Mitigation Strategies
21. Appendix C. Hazard Histories
22. Appendix D. Critical Facilities
23. Appendix E. Participating Organizations
24. Appendix F. FEMA PDM Plan Crosswalk
25. Appendix G. Glossary of Terms
26. Appendix H. List of Acronymns
27. Appendix I. Works Cited
28. FINAL Predisaster Mitigation Plan December 2009

Five County Association of Governments
Mountainland Association of Governments
Six County Association of Governments
Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments
Uintah Basin Association of Governments

Appendix J Utah Landslide Loss Data Plans

Landslides...what they are
Rock Fall Hazards
Collecting Landslide Loss Data 2003
Wildfires and Debris Flows

Additional Landslide Technical Reports
South Weber Landslide Technical Report 2006
SLCO Liquefaction Map 1994 UGS Publication
Springhill Landslide Technicial Report 2009

Appendix K Jordan Valley Water District Mitigation Strategy

Mitigation Strategy 2004

Appendix L Utah Mitigation Recovery Outreach

Mitigation Recovery outreach 2010
Mitgation Recovery outreach 2011

Mitigation Recovery outreach 2012

Mitigation Recovery outreach 2013

Appendix M FEMA HMA Program Guidance

HMA Guidance 2011
BCA Reference Guide 2009

Appendix N Utah Mitigation Successes

Successes 2010

Appendix O State Court House Natural Hazard Analysis

Final Courthouse analysis

Appendix P Hospital Earthquake Analysis

Utah Hospital Earthquake Risk Analysis 2010

Appendix Q Utah Mitigation Plan Changes

Mitigation Changes (Excel)

Appendix R Utah Hazard Maps

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