Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - State and Local Assistance (SLA)

The State and Local Assistance Program encourages the development of comprehensive disaster preparedness and assistance plans, programs, capabilities, and organizations by states and local governments.

The program ensures a comprehensive national emergency management system to deal with natural disasters or accidental or human-caused events. State and Local Assistance (SLA) funds may be used for necessary state and local emergency management personnel and administrative expenses including salaries and benefits of emergency management personnel, essential official travel and other administrative expenses.

Currently 26 Utah counties, 12 cities and the Pauite Tribe participate in the SLA Program. Each fiscal year they submit a budget, including salary and benefits for the personnel in their county or city that administer the program. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis. Each jurisdiction sends in a quarterly progress report and a quarterly reimbursement report to the DES.

Federal assistance has been provided to ensure a federal, state and local organizational structure for emergency preparedness. Funding was provided to support state and local emergency management departments and agencies staff, planning and response systems, field training programs, operating facilities, organizational equipment, and tests and exercises to ensure that a comprehensive emergency preparedness system exists for all hazards. When disasters occur, the resources are made available to provide emergency assistance to disaster victims.

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