Utah Department of Public Safety


Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (TEPW) - 2 hours

The T&EPW is a forum for developing, reviewing, and updating a Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan and Schedule. It is one of the key elements of HSEEP because it is an opportunity to discuss its Homeland Security Strategy and develop a plan to increase preparedness through training and exercises. It allows us to translate goals and priorities into specific objectives and exercises, coordinate exercise activities, and track improvement plan actions against current capabilities, training, and exercises.

The purpose of the TEPW is to review program accomplishments to date. Jurisdictions review their progress and accomplishments over the previous year. They should then identify needed modifications, such as areas of the Multi-Year Training and Exercise Schedule that need updating.

A large part of the workshop will be spent scheduling exercises. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for regions, counties, and cities to coordinate exercises to avoid duplication and pool resources. The TEPW is an ideal time to coordinate exercises that are grant deliverables, mandated by various Federal agencies.

The State will provide the structure in which all workshop activities will be conducted (based on the HSEEP framework). The jurisdiction’s role is to provide target capabilities that correspond to State priorities based on the State Homeland Security Strategy. After establishing what target capabilities correspond to the State priorities, a list of training and exercises should be developed that will ensure continuous improvement of capabilities and will combine to accomplish the priorities.

Region and county participants need to bring their CORE capabilities list, training needs/schedule and exercise needs/schedules.

To register for this workshop go to: U-Train

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