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Emergency Management - Training - Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Higher Education


Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Higher Education (L363)

This 3-day course provides institutions of higher education with the knowledge and planning strategies to better protect lives, property, and operations within the context of comprehensive emergency management by utilizing the Incident Command System (ICS) to develop and implement an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). At the end of the training, campus personnel will:

  1. Recognize the importance of an emergency plan that meets the unique needs of an institution of higher education;
  2. Identify hazards that present risks for institutions of higher education and the impact of those hazards;
  3. Identify the process and benefits of conducting a risk assessment;
  4. Identify the benefits of an effective Emergency Operations Center (EOC);
  5. Create a partnership with stakeholders;
  6. Identify and assemble a planning team;
  7. Develop or revise a multi-hazard EOP;
  8. Develop and implement a strategy for training and testing the EOP; and
  9. Engage the academic community in the essential elements of emergency planning.

Selection Criteria:

  • Only "college/university" teams should apply.
  • Submit applications as a "package" to the host institution using the format below as a cover sheet. Place person's name next to position being filled.

Community First Responders

  • 1-2 people (Do NOT duplicate positions)
  • 1 person-Law Enforcement/SRO
  • 1 person-Fire/Emergency Medical Services

(EMS)/Public Health

  • 1 person-Office of Emergency Management College/University Officials
  • 5-6 people (Do NOTduplicate positions)
  • College Administrator (President, Vice President, Provost, Dean, etc.)
  • Office of Emergency Management/Planning Official
  • Risk Manager
  • Public Information Officer
  • Security Officer, Environmental Safety Officer, or Public Safety Chief
  • Office of Facilities Management Official
  • Food/Dining Services Director
  • Health Services or Counseling Services Representative or Psychologist
  • Faculty Representative
  • Student Affairs Representative

Required Prerequisites:

Completion of IS-100.HE, Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS-100, for Higher Education.

Course Length: 3 days

CEUs: 2.1

To register for this course go to: U-Train

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