Utah Department of Public Safety


Emergency ManagementRisk and Vulnerabliity Assessments for Rural Communities (MGT-338)

Is an eight-hour training program designed to educate participants on the need for and basic components of a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment that brings together stakeholders from both the public and private sector.Risk and vulnerability assessments are particularly important in rural communities because of the lack of overlapping resources and redundant systems, as well as the strategic role that nontraditionalfacilities and assets play in the overall infrastructure of the community. As an initial step to creating resiliency against disaster, rural communities should begin with a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment. Through this course, participants will learn the benefits of evaluating a community’s susceptibility to potential hazards and of identifying strategies for mitigating the risk of serious consequences. Information drawn from a proper and allinclusive risk and vulnerability assessment will provide the essential foundation necessary to design and implement an effective community-wide comprehensive emergency response plan. A comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment provides a basis for prioritizing which assets require higher levels of protection within the community and can:

increase public awareness of hazards in the community

• enhance the community’s ability to respond effectively and efficiently to emergencies

• strengthen the community’s ability to withstand emergencies and recover

rapidly reduce human, social, economic, and environmental losses due to small and large-scale emergencies


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