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City and county agencies from anywhere in Utah can find a variety of resources and information to bolster their local emergency management efforts. Find the liaison for your county or city, sign up for the division's numerous training courses or simply learn what resources are available to help your local agency in the event of a disaster or terrorist attack. Local agencies can also download applications for a variety of grants administered through DHS, including homeland security, the state and local assistance program and the hazardous materials emergency preparedness grant.




  Emergency Management Professional Certification Program


CCDC archive

An archive of presentations from City and County Directors conferences.


Disaster reports and lessons learned

Our budding repository of documents to help emergency managers learn from others.


Coming soon: How to request resources


Important links for monitoring

National Weather Service -- Hydrology River/River Basin Data




Utah Geological Survey -- Geologic Hazards Program


Drought conditions -- U.S. Drought Monitor





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