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Utah Homeland Security's role is to secure and protect all people in Utah from man-made threats against freedom, life, property and the environment. To accomplish this task, Homeland Security works in three specific areas:


Homeland Security Investigations supports law enforcement agencies by providing, developing, and analyzing information about criminal activity or potential criminal activity within Utah. Information is gathered from a variety of sources and analyzed. HLS then disseminates it to law enforcement entities in a timely manner, enabling them to prepare for potential problems before they occur or to further investigations after the crimes are committed.


In its simplest form, intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply information, especially about an actual or potential enemy. The intelligence function of Homeland Security operates jointly with local, state and federal law enforcement agents, analysts and databases. It provides Utah law enforcement officers with timely, accurate and useful information. This information allows first responders and policy makers to better prepare for and deal with potential threats and risks.

Terrorist IncidentsHomeland Security Intelligence staff disseminate information in regular advisories and special alerts and bulletins. A 24-hour hotline exists for law enforcement agencies statewide. They have worked to establish contacts with public safety agencies, private companies and Local Emergency Planning Committees around the state. These contacts allow quick distribution of pertinent information for Homeland Security and create an information sharing coalition.

Intelligence information is also accessible via specialized databases such as the Utah Law Enforcement Information Network (ULEIN). The Utah Law Enforcement Information Network (ULEIN) is a statewide criminal intelligence database. ULEIN provides criminal intelligence for law enforcement agencies on persons, organizations, and businesses and is available to any public safety agency free of charge.

ULEIN can be accessed anywhere in the world including a patrol car. This brings criminal intelligence and officer safety information directly to first responders, enhancing personal and community safety. The ULEIN application provides:

  • Homeland Security Threat Level, Alerts, Advisories, Notices, Look Outs and Articles
  • Online intelligence digest displaying the most current criminal intelligence on officer safety, narcotics, fraud, organized crime, Interpol, and homeland security
  • Contact information for officers investigating the same person, organization or business
  • The motor vehicle database
  • Information on vehicles linked to criminal records
  • Suspect searches using an individual's scars, marks, or tattoos
  • Information on people, businesses, organizations, and property that are associated together creating organizational structures
  • Digital photographs and property and case management
  • A searchable criminal intelligence database containing information on officer safety issues
  • A bulletin board where investigators can request assistance from other investigators around the state
  • A single source for investigative resources that are found on the Internet
Key Assets
Infrastructure Protection

The nation's infrastructure consists of interdependent systems or networks essential to our economy and government. These systems are so vital that damage or destruction would have a devastating impact on the state and possibly the nation. Examples include telecommunications, electrical power systems, gas and oil production/distribution, banking and finance, transportation, water supply systems, health services and government.

Utah Homeland Security is the lead agency for critical infrastructure mitigation, threat/vulnerability assessment, warning, and criminal investigation and response. Homeland Security continues to work with public and private partners to ensure all critical assets are secured against a potential attack. This promotes a greater awareness of the vulnerabilities of the state's critical infrastructures and cooperative contingency planning between industry and federal, state and local government agencies to diminish those vulnerabilities.

Recently, Utah Homeland Security took action in "Operation Safe Travel" at the Salt Lake International Airport. This operation resulted in 69 indictments and the removal of individuals who used false information to gain employment and access to sensitive areas of the airport. This program has been adopted by many other states across the nation and is being expanded in Utah to include all critical infrastructure employees.

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Call 1-866-4SECURE 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more information.

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