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Emergency Management - Fire Management Assistance Grant Program - Information Sheet


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) eligible costs are determined by OMB Circular A - 87, Title 44, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 206, Subpart L, Fire Suppression Assistance, Title 44, CFR Parts 2, 9, 10, 204 and 206 Disaster Assistance; Fire Management Assistance Grant Program.

Generally, eligible reimbursable costs are those "reasonable and necessary" costs incurred during the FEMA incident period which fall outside the scope of normal operating expenses, i.e., costs necessitated by the incident. Certain costs incurred outside the incident period are eligible, such as mobilization and demobilization costs. In addition, OMB Circular A - 87 mandates that directly eligible expenditures must be consistent with the grantee agencies normal policies and procedures.

Costs Eligible for FEMA Reimbursement

All eligible work and related costs must be associated with the incident period of a declared fire.

Equipment and Supplies

Personal comfort and safety items normally provided by the State under field conditions for firefighter health and safety, including:
  • Firefighting supplies, tools, materials, expended or lost, to the extent not covered by reasonable insurance, will be replaced with comparable items.
  • Operation and maintenance costs of publicly owned, contracted, rented or volunteer firefighting department equipment used in eligible firefighting activities to the extent any of these costs are not included in applicable equipment rates.
  • Use of U.S. Government - owned equipment based on reasonable costs as billed by the Federal Agency and paid by the State. (Only direct costs for use of Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) vehicles and equipment on loan to State Forestry and local cooperators may be eligible).
  • Repair of equipment damaged in firefighting activities to the extent not covered by reasonable insurance.
  • Replacement of equipment lost or destroyed in firefighting activities, to the extent not covered by reasonable insurance, will be replaced with comparable equipment.

Labor Costs

  • Overtime for permanent or reassigned State and local employees.
  • Regular time and overtime for temporary and contract employees hired to perform fire - related activities.
  • Travel and per diem of employees who are providing services directly associated with eligible fire - related activities may be eligible.
  • Expenses of field camps and meals when made available in place of per diem.

Pre - positioning Costs

  • The actual costs of pre - positioning Federal, out - of - state (including compact), and international resources for a limited period may be eligible when those resources are used in response to a declared fire.
  • The Regional Director of FEMA will determine the number of days of pre - positioning to be approved for Federal funding, up to a maximum of 21 days before the fire declaration.
  • The State must extensively document the request for pre - positioning funding and it must be based on recognized scientific indicators such as drought indices, short - term weather forecasts, number of fires burning in the state and availability of in - state firefighting resources.

Emergency Work

FEMA may authorize the use of Section 403 of the Stafford Act, under an approved fire management assistance grant when directly related to mitigation, management, and control of the declared fire. Essential assistance activities that may be eligible include, but are not limited to:
  • Police barricading and traffic control
  • Extraordnary emergency operations center expenses
  • Evacuations and sheltering
  • Search and rescue
  • Arson investigation teams
  • Public information
  • Limited removal of trees that pose a threat to the general public

Temporary Repair of Damage Daused by Eligible Firefighting Activities

Temporary repair of damage involves short - term actions to repair damage directly caused by the firefighting effort or activities. All temporary repair work must be completed within thirty days of the close of the incident period for the declared fire.
  • Minimal repairs to bulldozer lines, camps, and staging areas to address safety concerns.
  • Minimal repairs to facilities such as fences, buildings, bridges, roads, etc.

Mobilization and Demobiization

Costs for mobilization to, and demobilization from a declared fire may be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Demobilization may be claimed at a delayed date if deployment involved one or more declared fires.
  • If resources are being used on more than one declared fire, mobilization and demobilization costs must be claimed against the first declared fire.

Fires on Co - Mingled Federal/State Lands

Reasonable costs for the mitigation, management and control of a declared fire burning on co - mingled Federal and State land may be eligible in cases where the State has a responsibility for suppression activities under an agreement to perform such action on a non - reimbursable basis.

Ineligible costs for FEMA Reimbursement

Costs not directly associated with the incident period are ineligible. Ineligible costs include the following:
  • Costs incurred in mitigation, management and control of undeclared fires.
  • Costs related to planning, pre - suppression (i.e., cutting fire - breaks without the presence of an imminent threat, training, road widening, and other similar activities), and recovery (i.e., land rehabilitation activities, such as seeding, planing operations and erosion control, or the salvage of timber and other materials, and restoration of facilities damaged by fire).
  • Costs for the straight or regular time salaries and benefits of a sub - grantee's permanently employed or reassigned personnel.
  • Costs for mitigation, management, and control of a declared fire on co - mingled Federal land when such costs are reimbursable to the State by a Federal Agency under another statute.
  • Costs incurred while fighting fires on federally owned land are not eligible under the Fire Management Assistance Grant Program except on co - mingled lands as noted above.
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