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Emergency Management - All-Hazard-IMT, Supply Unit Leader (SPUL) Course L-970

All-Hazard-IMT, Supply Unit Leader (SPUL) Course L-970

This 32 hour course helps attendees establish the essential core competencies required for performing the duties of the SPUL in an all-hazards incident. By requiring attendees to bring jurisdiction-specific information to the instruction, the course provides a realistic, hands-on approach to mastering the skills of a SPUL organized by the fundamental steps of the ordering process. Attendees identify information required for ordering, as well as complete required forms and documentation related to ordering, and anticipate ordering and supply needs for the incident. In addition to the ordering process, the course discussed mobilization, setting up and managing the Supply Unit, and demobilization.

NIMS ICS Position Specific training should be completed by personnel who are regularly assigned to functional, support, or unit leader positions on USFA or other Type III All-Hazards Incident Management Teams (AHIMT), or by those persons who desire to seek credentials/certification in those positions.

Prerequisites: ICS 100, ICS 200, NIMS 700, NRF 800, and ICS 300

Recommended:  ICS 400.

Subject Area(s):

  • General Public Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire
  • Law Enforcement


  • Military Personnel
  • Emergency Responders / Receivers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Service


  • General / Field / Frontline Staff
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