Utah Department of Public Safety

Emergency Management - Protect Your Business

Be Secure

Protect your investment with plans to secure your facility, provide safety to your employees and protect vital records and data.

Dept. of Homeland Security National Cyber Alert System  -  www.us-cert.gov/cas/signup.html

National Cyber Security Partnership, Small Business Cyber Security Guidebook  -  www.cyberpartnership.org/CommonSenseGuideBus.pdf

Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance  -  www.staysafeonline.org

CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protecting Utah's Critical Infrastructure could mean the difference of a speedy economic recovery or ruin. Over 80% of Utah's Infrastructure is owned by the Private Sector. Conducting self - assessments to determine vulnerabilities and risks can assist a business in security decisions that may result in mitigating a possible crisis.

Sector Meeting Schedules

Dedicated to protecting business economic hardships caused by major interruptions from natural or man - caused events with various aspects of business continuity planning by networking with other business professionals. The guidance and perspective of other business professionals will help produce the tools necessary to prevent, prepare for and efficiently respond to all types of unplanned business interruptions from any type of hazard.

Cyber Crime Protection Checklist

Security Vulnerability: Self - Assessment Guide

Risk Analysis: Self - Assessment Guide

Threat Identification Checklist

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