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DHS Training provides high-quality training to members of the Utah emergency management community, which contributes to the saving of life, prevention of injury, protection of property and preservation of the environment during major emergencies and disasters.

The emergency management Training & Exercise program was created to assist elected and appointed officials, other personnel of County and City governments, and personnel of volunteer organizations and State Agencies to prepare for responding to and recovering from disasters and serious emergencies, particularly those which involve multiple agencies and/or multiple jurisdictions, and are beyond the resource capability of the local jurisdiction.

The DHS Training Team is authorized by the National Emergency Training Center to deliver in Utah the Field Course Curriculum of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition, a training needs assessment is conducted and training is customized to meet the needs of local jurisdictions.

Training is offered at no-or-low cost to all public sector and volunteer organizations with a legitimate connection with emergency management and a desire to enhance their ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.

DHS Training is conducted in the following areas:

DHS also provides a state-wide disaster Exercise Program, in which City, County, agency and organizational emergency plans, policies, procedures and equipment are tested and evaluated through frequent and regular simulated disasters. The State Exercise Officer conducts disaster simulation exercises in all of Utah's twenty-nine counties and many of its cities, and coordinates disaster exercises between the public and private sectors.

DHS also facilitates training for Utah citizens at the National Emergency Training Center in Maryland, paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), recruiting individuals from numerous jurisdictions throughout Utah.

There are two types of certification in emergency management training available in Utah. DHS offers FEMA certification in the Professional Development Series and the Advanced Professional Series.

If you have completed the APS courses, you may apply for FEMA Certification.

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