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State Fire Marshal - Fire Extinguisher Tags

These imagesare examples of the service tag your company must have. The newly designed service tag must meet the requirements of R-710-1-6 and cannot be the color red.

R710-1-6. Service Tags.
6.1 Size and Color.
Tags shall be not more than five and one-half inches (5-1/2") in height, nor less than four and one-half inches (4-1/2") in height, and not more than three inches (3") in width, nor less than two and one-half inches (2-1/2") in width.
6.2 Attaching Tag.
One service tag shall be attached to each portable fire extinguisher in such a position as to be conveniently inspected.
6.3 Tag Information.
6.3.1 Service tags shall bear the following information: Provisions of Section 6.7. Type of license. Approved Seal of Registration of the SFM. License registration "E" number. Certificate of registration "EE" number of individual who performed or supervised the service or services performed. Signature of individual whose certificate of registration number appears on the tag. Concern's name. Concern's address. Type of service performed. Type of extinguisher serviced. Date service is performed.
6.3.2 The above information shall appear on one side of the service tag. All other desired printing or information shall be placed on the reverse side of the tag.
6.4 Legibility.
6.4.1 The certificate of registration number required in Section 6.3(5), and the signature required in Section 6.3(6), shall be printed or written distinctly.
6.4.2 All information pertaining to date, type of servicing, and type of extinguisher serviced shall be indicated on the card by perforations in the appropriate space provided. Each perforation shall clearly indicate the desired information.
6.5 Format.
Subject to the use requirements of Section 6.4, the following format shall be used for all service tags:
Exception: Service tags may be printed or otherwise established for any number of years not in excess of
6.6 New Tag.
A new service tag shall be attached to the extinguisher each time a service is performed.
6.7 Tag Wording.
The following wording shall be placed at the top or reinforced ring end of every tag: "DO NOT REMOVE, BY ORDER OF THE STATE FIRE MARSHAL".
6.8 Removal.
No person or persons shall remove a service tag, hydrostatic test tag or label, 6 year maintenance service tag or label, or verification of service collar, except when further service is performed. At that time the expired tag, label or collar shall be removed and a new tag, label or collar shall replace the expired one. No person or persons shall deface, modify, or alter any service tag, hydrostatic test tag or label, 6 year maintenance service tag or label, or verification of service collar that is required to be attached to any portable fire extinguisher.
6.9 Restrictive Use.
6.9.1 Portable fire extinguishers which do not conform with the minimum rules, shall be permanently removed from service, and shall not be tagged.
6.9.2 Any extinguisher which fails a hydrostatic test shall be condemned, and so stamped or etched into the cylinder or shell.
6.9.3 Extinguishers, other than one which has failed a hydrostatic test, may be provided with a tag stating the extinguisher is "Condemned" or "Rejected". Such tags shall be red in color, and shall be not less, in size, than that of an approved service tag.
6.9.4 Service tags shall only be placed on portable fire extinguishers and wheeled units as allowed in these rules.

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