Utah Department of Public Safety

State Fire Marshal - Hazard House

The Hazard House fits on a table, can be run by one person, and helps to teach various fire safety, fire prevention and injury prevention topics. Hazard Houses are equipped to teach:

  • Hazard HouseFire escape in many situations inaccessible windows with the use of smoke, smoke alarms and lights;
  • Residential fire sprinklers;
  • Kitchen fire prevention and safety with the use of a stove, pan, fire extinguisher and pictures;
  • Match, lighter, and candle safety;
  • Injury prevention including burns, poison, falls, electrocution and firearm safety;
  • Fireplace safety, including the chimney;
  • Alarms - carbon monoxide and smoke alarms;
  • General fire safety of the garage, heating room, laundry, attic, bathroom, etc.
Care must be taken with the Hazard House and only the instructor should be allowed to touch the house. The Hazard house requires electricity.
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