Utah Department of Public Safety

State Fire Marshal - Life Safety House

The Life Safety House is a great tool for teaching many fire and life safety topics. Each Life Safety House is equipped to teach:

  • Fire escape from a standard bedroom with the use of smoke, smoke alarms, and a heated door;
  • Kitchen fire prevention and safety with the use of a stove, pan, toaster, sink, microwave, and fire extinguisher;
  • Life Safety HouseInjury prevention, including burns, poison, drowning, firearm safety, seatbelt use, and helmet use;
  • Fireplace safety;
  • Match, lighter, and candle safety;
  • Alarms - carbon monoxide, smoke alarms and smoke alarms with strobe.

A minimum of three (3) people is suggested and a maximum of seven (7) students in each room is recommended. Houses are approximately 30 feet in length and need a nearby power source or the attached generator can be used. Houses are ADA compliant if the provided ramp is used.

Caution must be used when young children or those with asthma are watching a demonstration using the non-toxic smoke and realistic smoke alarms.
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