Utah Department of Public Safety

State Fire Marshal - Administration

overview 4The State Fire Marshal's Office is committed to be a leader in the prevention of fires, determination of fires, and enforcement of safety programs throughout the state of Utah.

This is being accomplished by:

  • Education of the public including "Fire Prevention Week" activities
  • Ensuring firefighter certification and education
  • Utah Fire Incident Reporting System (UFIRS)
  • Liquified petroleum gas licensing, certification and inspection
  • Fire extinguisher and hood system licensing, certification and inspection
  • Fireworks licensing of vendors and operators
  • Fire code enforcement and plan reviews for state owned buildings, hospitals, colleges, universities, schools, jails, prisons and nursing homes
  • Assisting local fire departments in fire code enforcement
  • Interpretation of fire and building codes for fire departments within the state
  • Fire cause determination and arson prosecution
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