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State Fire Marshal - Hazardous Materials Instructor Biographies

Michael Riley: Section Manager

Michael Riley was hired as the section manager of the Hazardous Materials Section in the spring of 2006. He comes to us from the Unified Fire Authority [UFA, formerly Salt Lake County Fire] after nearly 32 years of service. His most notable accomplishments include, Wildland Fire Coordinator, Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) Manager, and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Program Manager.  Mike was one of the program managers of Utah Task Force One when they were deployed to New York after the September 11th attacks. He also deployed to New Orleans after Hurricane Rita struck the Gulf coast and worked in the area affected by Katrina. He has worked as a federal evaluator for CSEPP and has taught many classes on chemical warfare agent emergency preparedness. Prior to this he worked as a truck Captain and taught high angle rescue and confined space rescue and has been a certified paramedic since 1979. Mike served 27 years in the Utah Air National Guard as a Crash Rescue Firefighter and was deployed in 1990 and '91 in support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Michael is married with three children and nine grandchildren.

Rick Carlile: Trainer III

Rick came to the Hazardous Materials Section from the Utah Highway Patrol [UHP] after 24 years of service much of which was spent in the commercial vehicle & hazardous materials division. Rick was one of the original hazardous materials response troopers. In 2003, when the team was disbanded, Rick came to work for HMI. Along with the Awareness, Operations and Technician classes, Rick provides specialized training for emergency response to incidents involving the storage and transportation of nuclear materials. Along with this he monitors the current transportation of nuclear materials through the state.

Rick works with the Department of Energy to procure materials being decommissioned from their closed facilities. Rick receives and processes hundreds of applications to attend training at various federal facilities including Cobra Bio weapons training facility at Aniston, Alabama, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings school at Socorro, New Mexico, Bectell radiological training at the Nevada Test Site, DOE training at Carlsbad, New Mexico, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Pocatello, Idaho, and Dugway Proving Grounds Bio/Chemical school at Dugway, Utah. Provide audio-visual support for conferences organized by various agencies.

Richard Moseley: Trainer III

Richard certified in Utah’s first Emergency Medical Technician [EMT] class and has remained an active EMT for over 35 years. He holds a degree in Hazardous Materials and Environmental Science and is a state recognized Radiation Safety Officer [RSO]. As an Environmental Health & Safety Manager, he has over 20 years of experience in Safety, Explosives, Radiation, Environmental Sampling, Air Quality, Water Quality, Water Treatment, and Industrial Hygiene. Part of his duties have included a major private rail yard handling shipments of 60-100 railcars a day and associated truck and equipment operations spanning 120,000 acres. His industrial experience spans; Chemical Manufacturing, Aerospace, Metals Industry, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pressure Systems, Plating Industry, Electronics, Circuit Boards, Coating Industry and Hazardous Waste Management, Treatment and Disposal. He has been regularly involved with Local Emergency Planning Committe's [LEPC] since their formation in the late 1980's.

In the emergency responder world, Richard never abandoned his roots providing training, equipment and volunteer service to Police, EMS, and Fire. In 1995 he became one of the first two civilian instructors for the Hazardous Materials Institute. He has participated in many hazmat responses for over 20 years including Unified Commands of over 10 agencies spanning local to federal representatives. He has a passion for HazMat, teaching, photography and the outdoors. He has been regularly published for over 15 years.

Art Deyo:  Trainer III


Since 1984, Art Deyo has served in local, state, and federal governments as a firefighter, fire engineer, hazmat coordinator, instructor, and fire captain providing fire and emergency services, staff supervision, training, incident management, and terrorism consequence preparedness. Art served as a fire department arson investigator for 14 years and was a court qualified expert witness. He was on the fire department hazardous materials team for 15 years and also served as the team coordinator and provided leadership to transform the fire department hazmat team into a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) unit operationally prepared, trained and equipped through the implementation of Homeland Security grants and federally sponsored training. He has taught courses in hazardous materials, emergency preparedness, and fire protection for police and fire departments across the USA and internationally. Art has college degrees in fire science, fire administration, and political science.

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