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Resource Request Form(PDF)

The Office of the State Fire Marshal offers local fire departments the use of several teaching resources, including the Life Safety House and the Hazard House.

All requests for these resources should be made on the formal request form by the local fire department. Approval will be based on availability of the trailer on the requested date and submission of the request form.

If an injury prevention organization is unable to coordinate the use of these resources with the local fire department, they may make the request through the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The organization will need to provide a minimum of three (3) people to run the Life Safety House. Training can be arranged.

Resources will be scheduled at least one (1) month in advance and not more than one (1) year in advance.

Cancellations should be at least two (2) days in advance.

Requests for Fire Prevention Week may be subject to a lottery when there are too many requests for that particular day. The lottery date is August 1. All requests made before August 1 may be subject to the lottery. After August 1, all requests will be approved only when the resource and staff to deliver the resource are available.

Requests are only granted for one (1) day during Fire Prevention Week. Resources may be delivered the day before or the day of an event and picked up directly after or one (1) day following the event at our discretion. Longer loan periods or multiple loans will be considered during the weeks prior and following Fire Prevention Week and for larger fire districts serving multiple municipalities.

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