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On-line Testing is temporarily unavailable. All testing listed below will be paper test and administered by a staff member of this office. No test will be sent by mail. Contact our office at 801-284-6350 to schedule your testing.

To ensure the public of quality and safety in the service and product industry, the Licensing and Certification bureau was established.

Three industries (liquefied petroleum gas, fire extinguisher, and fire suppression hood system vendors) are licensed and their employees are certified through the State Fire Marshal's Office by three deputy fire marshals. They travel throughout the state to inspect facilities, and establish quality control procedures. Firework displayers, wholesalers, importers, and special effects technicians are licensed, as well.


LP-Gas Basic Filling Procedures

LP-Gas Certifications & Renewal

Basic Filling Procedures

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Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

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Automatic Fire SuppressionSystems Service

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