Utah Department of Public Safety

Forensic Services - Forensic Chemistry

Chemistry services are available at all three Utah State Crime Laboratory Locations:

  • Central Lab in Salt Lake City
  • Northern Lab in Ogden
  • Southern Lab in Cedar City

The primary functions of the Chemistry Section are to analyze specimens for controlled substances, trace evidence, and occasionally poisons.

The Chemistry Section of the State Crime Lab does not analyze body fluids. If you need body fluid analyzed for alcohol, poisons, controlled substances or their associated metabolites contact the Utah Department of Health, Toxicology Laboratory at 801-584-8400.

Although we are all highly trained in the identification of marijuana (MJ), our current mandate is to provide local agencies with technical assistance and training in performing their own MJ analysis. We will still perform analysis for THC in charred residues and in paraphernalia, where MJ is suspected, but no botanical features of MJ are visually present. Our Laboratory conducts regular training for local agencies in the analysis and identification of marijuana. Go to   http://forensicservices.utah.gov/pdf/marijuana_brochure.pdf and www.utahmarijuana.webs.com for more info.

We also conduct Field Identification Drug Officer (FIDO) training. This training teaches law enforcement officers how to recognize and perform chemical color tests for controlled substances out in the field. For more info contact Ryan Barney at 435-613-5724 or go to http://forensicservices.utah.gov/docs/fido_reg.doc.

We offer analyses in the following disciplines:

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