Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Citizen's Police Academy

Citizen's Police Academy

The Utah Highway Patrol Citizen's Academy goal is to:

  • Inform, teach, and share experiences about the Utah Highway Patrol with Utah's citizen leaders.
  • The academy covers DUI arrests, firearms, K-9, Aero Bureau, emergency vehicle operations, survival tactice, crime lab, and more.
  • The academy requires upstanding citizenship and a commitment of one night a week for ten weeks, which includes a graduation ceremony.

See what some of our graduates have to say.

Nate Davis What an awesome experience. I had no idea what life was like for our troopers. I use to think it was all about pulling people over and giving tickets to innocent people who just happen to be speeding. I have definitely gained a whole new perspective and my respect for them has significantly increased. I truly understand that these men and women put their lives on the line every day to keep the citizens of Utah safe. I wish everyone could experience the Academy.
Troy Tait Vice President Marketing/IT, Med One Capital

Nate DavisThe Citizens Academy has opened my eyes to a much deeper respect and understanding of the Utah Highway Patrol. When I see a Trooper, I feel part of the UHP Family. The Citizens Academy changed my way of thinking about the Highway Patrol. They really do put their lives on the line each and everyday to keep our great State Safe.
Nate Davis

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