Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Criminal Interdiction Team Mission

The mission of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal Interdiction Team is to detect serious crimes on the highways and develop prosecutable cases against the involved criminals.


Criminal Interdiction Team Troopers conduct high volume traffic enforcement, supporting the Highway Patrol mission of traffic safety.  During these traffic stops, team members apply their specialized training in discovering indicators of criminal activity.  When indicators of criminal activity are present, Troopers investigate the indicators until either the suspicious circumstances are alleviated or criminal activity is discovered.  When criminal activity is discovered, Troopers investigate the case to its end and facilitate a prosecution of the violators in cooperation with other agencies.

There are five full time team members on the Drug Interdiction Team located in the state.

Team Results

In the year 2000, the Utah Highway Patrol seized seven (7) drug loads from Utah highways.  In October 2001, the Criminal Interdiction team was formed and 33 drug loads were seized that year.  The total number of drug seizures continues to climb as a result of the dedication and commitment of our Criminal Interdiction team.  In the years 2004 and 2005, our Criminal Interdiction Team seized 6,101 pounds of marijuana, 258 pounds of methamphetamine, 834 pounds of cocaine, and 16 liters of PCP.       [Last Update - Friday, 08-Mar-2013 16:25:28 MST]