Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Dive Team

The Dive Team’s mission is to support local law enforcement with body recoveries and evidence collection.  The Dive Team also provides an unparalleled service to the State of Utah and the Department of Homeland Security by evaluating dams throughout the state with sonar equipment. 

The Dive Team has been very successful in accomplishing its mission.  Since the teams inception in 2001 we have recovered in upwards of 20 bodies, including the recovery of five bodies in Strawberry Reservoir, three of which we were not looking for.  The DPS Dive Team is a great example of our commitment to the citizens of this state and to local law enforcement.  This also shows how diverse a career with the Utah Highway Patrol can be and the many opportunities that are available to you to have a fun and successful vocation. 

The Utah Department of Public Safety’s Dive Team is comprised of ten very highly skilled team members.  All divers are certified to a Master Diver level by the department. A training specialist conducts specialized training for the team.  [Last Update - Friday, 08-Mar-2013 16:25:28 MST]