Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Internal Affairs

With the approval of the Commissioner or a Deputy Commissioner the Utah Department of Public Safety Internal Affairs Section investigates situations which may involve any of the following circumstances:


  • Situations in which a department employee has been killed or injured by the willful or deliberate act of another person.
  • Situations in which a person has been killed or injured by a department employee, on or off duty, acting under color of police authority, or if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal intent or violation of state law by the employee.
  • Situations, on or off duty, involving the discharge of a firearm by a department employee in other than lawful sport activities, or at an approved firing range when personal injury or property damage occurs.
  • Allegations of false arrest, excessive force, or other civil rights violations, which may result in civil litigation against a department employee or the department.
  • Policy violations involving moral turpitude or dishonesty
  • Complaints alleging criminal conduct by a department employee


After an Internal Affairs investigation is completed, the report is given to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner who reviews the facts and determines whether or not the allegations were sustained or unfounded and whether or not the employee was justified if the allegation was sustained.          

The Internal Affairs Section also coordinates background investigations for applicants seeking employment with the Department. [Last Update - Friday, 08-Mar-2013 16:25:28 MST]