Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) communicates the Department of Public Safety's interests and activities.  Most people in our community have little or no direct contact with law enforcement, emergency management, or other public safety professionals. Public perception is based on what they see and hear through the media. The PIO plays a vital role to ensure the public is kept informed through television, radio, print and the Internet.  Each day, the DPS PIO works closely with media outlets and the public to provide information about vital public safety issues.

The Public Information Officer (PIO) has played a part in the Department of Public Safety’s scheme for sometime now.  The Public Information Officer is an appendage of the Commissioners office.  Current media trends show that there will only be an increase for public information in the future, for a 24 hour, seven day a week demand for news.  In an attempt to keep up with those demands the Department of Public Safety has come up with a very effective and efficient way of dealing with the media.  The Department’s media philosophy is one of openness and interaction with the media.  Having this philosophy has not only been of benefit but has kept DPS at the top when it comes to public information.  The Department of Public Safety is viewed as the lead agency in providing public information by many media outlets in the State of Utah.  There is one Sergeant and Trooper in the PIO section.

The Public Information Officer is responsible for the media response on behalf of all 11 agencies within the Department of Public Safety, including the Utah Highway Patrol.  We have been involved with many high profile cases and incidents such as the:

  • Crandall Mine Disaster
  • Milford Flat Fire
  • Mathis Fire
  • Salt Creek Fire
  • Corrections Fatal Shooting Investigation
  • Police Pursuit/Fatal Crash
  • Immigration Issues
  • Real ID Act


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