Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Salt Lake Community College Police Services

The mission of Section 21 is to provide a safe and secure environment for all who attend, utilize, and visit facilities of the Salt Lake Community College.  Section 21 is committed as a team to work with the Salt Lake Community College employees, students, faculty, and staff to achieve our mission through enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity, while providing professional police services.

Section 21 is composed of twelve troopers, two sergeants, a lieutenant and an office specialist. They provide 24-hour coverage, seven days a week, on the main Redwood Campus (4600 South Redwood Road), the South Campus (1575 South State Street), the Meadowbrook Campus (250 West 3100 South), and the Jordan Campus (3400 West 9000 South). Our section maintains a bicycle squad with members who attended specialized training for their assignment. The squad provides a very effective public relations tool for police services as well as a quicker response time to issues on the campus sites.

Working in Section 21 is similar to law enforcement operations in a small city, as troopers respond to all types of calls and incidents including traffic accidents, thefts, personal crimes, property crimes, sexual crimes, medical calls, fire/burglary alarms, and provide security coverage for special events. Section 21 troopers investigate crimes, beginning with the initial report, gather evidence, develop suspects, screen cases for criminal charges, and then locate and arrest the suspect. Section 21 provides a unique opportunity for the trooper to gain the valuable investigative experience of following a case from start to finish and bringing the investigation to a successful conclusion.

Section 21 provides many opportunities for a trooper to grow and develop as a professional police officer and gain valuable experience to enhance their careers.

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