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The mission of the Safety Inspection section is to provide professional police services, improve safety on the state’s highways, and protect the constitutional rights of all people in Utah.

Our goal is to help reduce the number of vehicle collisions by working to ensure that motor vehicles in Utah are in safe operating condition.

What we do:

  • Inspect motor vehicles involved in fatal collisions.
  • Approve new safety inspectors and safety inspection stations.
  • Investigate complaints related to safety inspection stations and inspectors.
  • Conduct proactive enforcement of safety inspection rules and laws.

CNG Inspection Training

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Full Size ATV Inspection Information

Street Legal ATV Information

Street Legal ATV Information (Amended 5/13/2014)

2015 Safety Inspection Year Requirements

A safety inspection is required for a vehicle that is 10 or more model years old on January 1. For a vehicle that is less that 10 model years old on January 1, a safety inspection is required in the fourth and eighth years.

A vehicle with a model year of 2005 and older will require a safety inspection in 2015. 2007 and 2011 model year vehicles will also require a safety inspection in 2015.

A salvage vehicle is required to pass a safety inspection when application for initial registration is made.

Vehicle Model Year
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
2005 and older
Print Year Requirements

A safety inspection may be performed no more than two months prior to the renewal of the registration.  You must have a current vehicle registration at the time of the inspection.  If repair work is required for the vehicle to pass the safety inspection, it can be done by anyone.  If a vehicle is repaired and re-inspected within 15 days of the initial safety inspection, the station is required to re-inspect the vehicle at no additional cost.


The maximum charges for safety inspection allowed by State Law are as follows:

  • $7.00 for motorcycles and street legal ATV’s.
  • $15.00 for cars, trucks, trailers, and buses.
  • $20.00 for four-wheel drive, split axle, and any motor vehicle that requires disassembly of the front hub or removal for the rear axle for inspection.

For more information about Safety Inspections call the Utah Highway Patrol at (801) 965-4889.

Vehicle emissions tests are required in Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. Please contact these county governments for information regarding emission testing requirements.

Safety Inspection is required by Utah law to investigate all complaints regarding state inspections. If you have questions regarding an inspection please contact the Safety Inspection office at (801) 965-4889. Action will be taken against any station that attempts to pass vehicles in violation of Safety Inspection rules. Safety Inspection also investigates complaints regarding unnecessary repairs.

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