Utah Department of Public Safety

Highway Patrol - Values

Our Mission is to provide professional police and traffic services,
and to protect the constitutional rights of all people in Utah.

UHP Badge / Values integrity service knowledge courage teamwork professionalism


Areas of Emphasis

The Highway Patrol has also adopted 10 areas of emphasis.

They include:

Public Service / Impaired Drivers / Occupant Restraint Usage /Safety Education
Local Law Enforcement Support / Criminal Interdiction / Human Resource Development
Community Policing / Commercial Vehicle Safety / Accident Investigation & Reconstruction.
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The Utah Highway Patrol has adopted six values
that give us direction in all that we do.

To view these values, hover over the points of our badge.



We are sincere and honest.

We fulfill every promise and commitment.

We are above reproach in dealing with the public, fellow employees, and ourselves.



We will meet the service needs of every person we encounter.

We serve the people of the state of Utah by enforcing the law impartially, consistently, and without discrimination.

We deliver service that reflects a concern for the quality of life in our communities.



We face danger with confidence, resolution, and bravery.

We face hardship resolute in our commitment to serve.

We make decisions based on our organizational values.



We will continually improve our performance through education and training.

We recognize our profession is changing and vow to stay on the cutting edge.

We encourage continuous education to maximize individual and organizational development.



We are united in purpose and effort.

We share ideas and information through open and honest communication.

We are accountable to our community and to our fellow employees.



We will exceed all standards set by our profession.

We allow only those of exemplary character to enter or remain in our ranks.

We present an appearance that inspires confidence in our ability.

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