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New UHP Distracted Driving Videos

UHP Releases “Big Game Commercials”


SALT LAKE CITY, (January 29, 2015) - With traffic crashes and fatalities on the rise in Utah, the Utah Highway Patrol is expanding its efforts to educate the public about safe driving.  To capitalize on the buzz around ad for this weekend's Big Game, UHP is releasing two new videos about distracted driving..


The videos feature an actor with driving alter egos.  One persona in the UHP’s videos models safe driving-- while the other engages in all manners of distracted driving.  The videos were created on a closed course and display disclaimers about how the public should not attempt the distracted driving behaviors – it even identifies one as “illegal, dangerous and, let’s be honest, totes ridic.”


You can view the videos by clicking on the images below or on the UHP’s Facebook page http://facebook.com/UtahHighwayPatrol .







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