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Are you riding to live?

Fatalities among motorcyclists have increased in 2014, while fatalities among motorists have decreased. Vehicles are made with more and more safety features, but on a motorcycle, all you have are your riding skills, your personal protective gear and your mental strategies to protect you. You can only control what you are doing out on the road. We are working to educate motorists about sharing the road, but are you doing everything you can to ride to live?  

Average age of motorcycle riders killed in Utah 2013:

46.5 years old



Get Trained


Take a formal rider training class. Whether you're new to riding or have 200,000 miles on your bike, this could save your life.


Go to our Motorcycle Rider Training page for more information about classes and schedules.

Gear Up


The only thing physically protecting you in the event of a crash is your personal protective gear.



Helmet use by motorcyclists is proven to

save lives, decrease injuries and reduce costs.

Centers for Disease Control


Your helmet is your most important piece of equipment. You only get one brain.

Choose a DOT approved helmet. Watch this video about what the consequences of choosing a novelty helmet can be.
To best protect you, your helmet needs to fit properly. Watch this video about choosing the right helmet.


Motorcycle riders usually separate from the motorcycle at some point during a crash. Think about that. It means you could be injured by anything - the road, other vehicles and stationary objects like trees and walls.

Denim is not protective gear

It's cotton

The only thing you have to protect you is your gear. Is a baseball cap and jeans really the best choice? Choose wisely -- wear all the proper protective gear every time you ride!


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation boils it down in the poster below. Ask yourself: am I wearing Fool's Gear or Cool Gear?




Click on the poster for a full size version from MSF

More detailed info about PPG (personal protective gear) is here.


Anti-Lock Brakes


Not sure about anti-lock brakes? Watch this short video from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety - studies show ABS can reduce crashes and save lives.

Get Licensed


For information about getting a motorcycle endorsement for your Utah driver's license, click here.


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