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Get Motorcycles on Your Mind


Drivers -- are you aware of motorcycles? Are you consciously looking for them? Many riders report that drivers will look right at them before turning in front of them. How does that happen? You need to be AWARE of motorcycles -- be consciously looking for them.

Motion Induced Blindness

Watch this video from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to see how motorcycles can disappear if you're not actively scanning for them.


Keep your eyes moving -- don't fixate on one spot. See motorcycles!


Size Matters


Motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles, meaning they're harder to see, especially if you're not actively looking for them.

There are also fewer motorcycles than cars on the road, meaning you may not expect to see them all the time.


Tips for driving around motorcycles
Can you see the motorcycle in this poster?





  • Check your blindspots -- really check! If a vehicle can disappear in your blindspot, a motorcycle can really disappear.
  • Don't tailgate motorcycles -- they can stop faster than car


  • Use extra caution at intersections -- many motorcycles are hit by vehicles when they're turning, both left and right. Look, then look again.


  • Focus on the road -- distractions can be deadly for you and other roadway users.



A Motorcyclist's Perspective



Watch this video for a  sample of what it's like to be a motorcyclist surrounded by cars.









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