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Looking for in-depth information? The Utah Crash Summary, produced annually, identifies and describes the trends and effects of traffic crashes in Utah. The statistics within the Utah Crash Summary describe factors that contribute to the occurrence of crashes, and crash-related injuries and fatalities. The Utah Crash Summary provides an in-depth view of each year’s crashes, and details information regarding the persons and circumstances involved in these events.

Looking for information at a glance? The Utah Crash Fact Sheets quickly summarize the detailed information found in each section of the Utah Crash Summary. The fact sheets are colorful, informative and are particularly useful when presenting information to others.

Where does the crash data come from? The data for the Utah Crash Summary and Utah Crash Fact Sheets is derived from Utah crash reports. These reports are completed by law enforcement officers throughout the state who investigate crash scenes on public roadways. Information is collected when a crash involves injuries, deaths or at least $1,500 property damage. Crash reports are forwarded to the Utah Department of Public Safety for central collection. Additional information is collected on fatal crashes at the Department of Public Safety’s Highway Safety Office and compiled into the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) database. FARS is a national data system containing data on all fatal traffic crashes in the U.S.

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