Utah Department of Public Safety

Investigations - Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC)


410 West 9800 South, Suite 370

Sandy, Utah 84070

(801) 256-2360



Report Suspicious Activities (SARS) to SARS@Utah.gov

Homeland Security Criminal Tipline 1-866-473-2873


Mission Statement

SIAC is a public-safety partnership designed to collect, analyze, & disseminate intelligence in order to protect Utahans

Who We Are


We are a combination of federal, state, local, tribal, public & private agencies throughout Utah including, but not limited to:
   • Homeland Security
   • FBI
   • Utah Department of Public Safety
   • Local Police Chief’s and Sheriff’s Agencies
   • Public Works, etc.

What We Do

  • We protect Utah citizens through partnerships and information exchange
  • We collect, analyze, & disseminate all-crimes information to law

     enforcement in & throughout Utah

  Some of the SIAC’s primary focus areas are as follows:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Investigative Case Support
  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Organized Crime &Gang Analysis
  • Counter-Narcotics/Drug Trafficking
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Homeland Security Risk Mitigation
  • Fraud/Identity Theft Analysis
  • Visual Analytic Presentation

Intelligence Liaison Officer Program

The ILO serves as the principal point of contact for their agency in matters related to crime information and intelligence, including terrorism. As an ILO, we offer you a host of information sharing opportunities for your department to better serve the public. The Utah SIAC aims to have at least one ILO in every law enforcement agency in Utah, and is expanding the program to other public safety disciplines.

Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Protection

All intelligence activities carried out at the SIAC are to be performed within the boundaries established by the United States Constitution, and all Federal, State, Local, and SIAC policies and procedures; all information collected, researched, stored, analyzed, and shared must be done in such as way as to vigilantly uphold the privacy rights and civil liberties granted to United States citizens.

Utah SIAC Information PrivacyPolicy


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