Utah Department of Public Safety

POST -POST Council Members

Terry Keefe
Chairman of POST Council
Chief of Police, Layton City Police Department
Representing Chiefs of Police Association

Lamont Smith
Vice Chairman of POST Council
Sheriff, Kane County Sheriff's Office
Representing Utah Sheriff's Association

David Edmunds
Sheriff, Summit County Sheriff's Office
Representing Sheriff's of county less than 100,000 population

James O. Tracy
Sheriff, Utah County Sheriff's Office
Representing Sheriff’s of counties more than 100,000 population

Bruce Bayley
Professor Weber State University
Representing Education

Kerry Gibson
Weber County Commissioner
Representing County Commissioner

Representing Mayor

Dr. Frank Budd
Representing At-Large

Wade Carpenter
Chief of Police, Park City Police Department
Representing Chief of 3rd Class City

Daniel Fuhr
Colonel, Utah Highway Patrol
Representing Superintendent of the Utah Highway Patrol

Chris Burbank
Chief, Salt Lake City Police Department
Representing At-Large

Rollin Cook
Executive Director, Utah Dept. of Corrections
Representing Executive Director of Corrections

John Crowley
Representing Utah Peace Officers Association

Spencer Austin
Chief Criminal Deputy, Utah Attorney General's Office
Representing Utah Attorney General's Office

Matthew Checketts
Representing At-Large

Christie A. Moren
Representing At-Large

Marlon Stratton

Chief, St. George Police Department

Representing Chief of 1st or 2nd Class City

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