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4 May 2013. The Utah POST K-9 Program announces the 2013 SWAT Dog Workshop to be conducted 26-29 September.  Training and certification will be conducted by POST Certified SWAT Dog Instructors and Judges.  This is one of the premier K-9 events of the year in Utah.  This event is beneficial for K-9 Handlers, the SWAT Team members whom they will be working with, and supervisors of SWAT Teams.  This is a good chance to check out the capabilities of certified SWAT Dogs, if your agency does not currently use them in SWAT operations. 

For further information, contact Deputy Brett Lawrenson of the Utah County Sheriff's Office, 801-822-9477 or email him at brettl@utahcounty.gov for further information. 


24 May 2012.  The Utah POST K-9 Program congratulates the class of Patrol Dogs, Handlers, Instructors, and Judge who successfully completed their training and graduated today.

This was one of the most successful classes ever.  The last day of training consisted of Helicopter insertions for apprehension training.  You can tell by the smiles on everyone's faces taht it was a thrilling success.

Special thanks to Adjunct Instructor Tom Smith for arranging the logistics for the Helo training.

17 May 2012.  Major Abdulsalam Alshamsi, K-9 Unit Supervisor of the Dubai Police Department, United Arab Emirates is issued a certificate as a K-9 Judge of Patrol Dogs, Narcotics Dogs, Explosive Dogs, and Search-Rescue Dogs. This training course began 11 April 2011 and concluded 17 May 2012. 

The Dubai Police Department K-9 Unit received international notoriety during the Yemen Terror Plot against the USA, when their K-9's located the air freight bomb destined for a Jewish synagogue in Chicago.















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